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• Lean Muscle Recovery • Helps Reduce Muscle Fatigue • Boost Endurance & Power  

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EAA+BCAA is a complete EAA (essential amino acid) blend. There are 9 essential amino acids, of which 3 are also known as BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). More and more research shows that a complete EAA blend (including BCAAs) shows better growth and recovery than by just supplementing with BCAAs alone.

As the building blocks of protein, amino acids are necessary for the growth and repair of muscle loss. There are 20 total amino acids the body needs. About half are Non-essential, meaning they’re made by the body; the other half are essential, meaning they must be obtained from food for supplements.

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s), named according to their molecular structure, include the essential amino acids valine. leucine and isoleucine and can be taken in supplement form before, during or after a workout to help improve exercise performance and endurance in addition to potentially adding in muscle recovery.

Amino acids from food travel first to the liver, where they’re broken down for use as fuel or assigned to muscle repair. BCAAs bypass the liver and go directly to thr muscles for fueling, building and repairing.

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  1. P


    Accelerates MUSCLE RECOVERY
    during workout.
    supports lean muscle mass and reduces muscle breakdown during workout/intense workout sessions.

  2. RS

    Rohit Sharma

    A great product for making your workout timing..Recovers very fast
    With the great taste and flavor 

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